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AubreyMaxwell | Robbie McMillan & Marcus Keller

AubreyMaxwell is a Design and Art Advisory partnership between Robbie McMillan and Marcus Keller. Robbie’s fine arts education evolved into luxury furniture design and product development before starting AubreyMaxwell. Marcus has decades of experience in construction and business development while serving as board member for several Bay Area arts organizations.

“Design at it’s best should be both intimate and awe-inspiring. We work towards achieving this by balancing focus on space planning, craftsmanship, and well-curated furnishings while never sacrificing a central focus on art. We pride ourselves on providing a catered and boutique approach to every facet of the design experience.”


Design Space: …And the Hazy Sea: Powder Bath and Anteroom

Chantal Lamberto Interior Design | Chantal Lamberto

A lifelong appreciation for architecture, interiors and historic detailing led to the founding of her firm in 2007. She is a passionate creator, always having a few needlework and painting projects in progress. A San Francisco native, she proudly calls the city home with her husband and their two daughters.

“Chantal creates personalized timeless interiors that begin during the construction phase allowing for a holistic approach to functionality, craftsmanship and attention to detail; while incorporating a sophisticated level of craft and artistry. The result is a unique, inspiring and nurturing environment for our clients’ lives.”


Design Spaces: Montana’s Monarchs and Refresh and Take Flight

Chroma | Leann Conquer & Alexis Tompkins 

With her instinctive visual recall of art and design history with contemporary aesthetics, creative partner Alexis Tompkins crafts serene, human-centered homes together with managing partner Leann Conquer. Also a trained designer, Conquer actualizes even the most complex ideations through her innate strengths in intelligent forecasting and flawless execution.

“Chroma is a client-centered interior design studio based in San Francisco. Our experimental ethos, meticulous approach, and sophisticated yet subversive aesthetic manifest in beautifully human spaces with warmth, authenticity, and intention.”


Design Space: The Apollonia Dining Room

Coy & Company | Geoffrey Coy

With California roots and degrees in both Industrial Design and Branding, Geoffrey Coy draws from experience and education to create carefully curated and beautifully balanced spaces. Geoffrey’s keen sense of style and aesthetic have awarded him with features in Luxe and San Francisco Magazine, among other publications.

“Coy & Company is a full-service interior design firm, with a portfolio of residential projects that range from classic San Francisco interiors to large scale peninsula projects. The firms expertise lies in working closely with architects, builders and artisans to create interiors for their clients that are a natural extension of their lifestyle and the space in which they reside.”


Design Space: Her Study

de la Cruz Interior Design | Jonathan de la Cruz

Combining an expert designer’s ability to draw up custom cabinetry and furnishings with an impeccable eye for vintage furniture and accessories, Jon de la Cruz creates interiors that are truly unique to each project and each client.

Jon launched his eponymous studio in the Fall of 2015. Since then his projects include Protege in Palo Alto, Che Fico and Che Fico Alimentari in San Francisco, James Beard Award semifinalist Leo’s Oyster Bar, and House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year in 2017.

“Modern, timeless style with a focus on custom furniture, casework and hand-sewn softgoods.”


Design Space: The Upstairs Keep

Dina Bandman Interiors | Dina Bandman Goldstone

Dina Bandman always knew she wanted to be an interior designer, but her path to design was anything but ordinary. While earning her J.D. degree in New York, Dina decided she would rather pursue her passion for interior design and enrolled at the Art Institute to earn her simultaneous degree in Interior Design.

Known for her bold yet traditional aesthetic and exquisite collaborations with de Gournay, Dina’s style embraces all of the influences of the places she’s been lucky to call home — New York Traditional, California Cool, Southern Charm, and Miami Art Deco. With unparalleled attention to detail, she prides herself on her ability to merge disparate styles and create designs with personalities as individual as her clients. Although based in San Francisco, Dina’s projects span the 4 corners of the US.


Design Space: De Déjeuner à Dessert

EJ Interior Design
Eugenia Jesberg & Emma Jesberg

Eugenia Jesberg founded EJ Interior Design in 1993 and has over 30 years of expert experience in new construction and major remodel projects in the Bay Area and beyond.
Eugenia has participated in numerous Showcase houses and is excited to return with her daughter, Emma Jesberg who joined the firm in 2020. Emma has a background in merchandising, product development and studied art history and architectural studies. Emma has an inherent passion for design and an eye for creating innovative spaces for clients.

“EJ Interior Design is known for the sophisticated and the delightfully unexpected. Their mission is to inspire and enrich clients’ lives by creating spaces that are artful yet personal. They value the well-made and time tested, and consistently find inspiration in surrounding architecture, landscape and art. Their designs are crisp and characterized by pops of color and unusual combinations of rich materials.”


Design Spaces: Sadie’s Arty Party and Bubbly Bash 

Elan Evans Decorative Finishes | Elan Evans

I began this journey in the theatre. As an aspiring actress, I started painting scenery for extra cash, and soon found that I was making much more money working on the scenery than in front of it. While in New York, I found my way into interior decorative painting. It was a revelation to have people phoning me asking if I was available, instead of continually knocking on doors, hoping, and hoping again, for the opportunity to practice my craft. In the world of interior paint, as in the theatre, I found that I still had the ability to transform the space I’m working in, and use that space to tell a story. I’ve never looked back.
After several years of working for other talented and generous artists, I established my own studio in beautiful Sonoma County in 2000. I found my way to Cotati, to a converted barn that now houses my studio and my home.

“Why settle for white walls?”


Design Space: The Elevator


Geddes Ulinskas Architects | Roma Olisauskaite

Roma, a project designer at Geddes Ulinskas Architects, developed a passion for historic architecture as a child of a preservationist and an architect. With work experience in Lithuania and Portugal and a Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Design, she skillfully merges traditional and contemporary architecture in her designs.

“Geddes Ulinskas Architects operates at the intersection of industry and art, constantly searching for the most poetic ways to assemble familiar materials into unique conditions and thoughtful spaces. We are a collection of designers who are not afraid to be original and see potential for richness and meaning in every project. We value the wealth of great architecture that is our heritage and know that innovation and creativity are only possible with a thorough knowledge of how art, architecture and craftsmanship have shaped our culture and evolved over the centuries. We strive to create work that is both timeless and dreamlike, pragmatic yet impossible. Above all, we realize that our clients are the key to the realization of great design and that every inspiration is a shared vision.”


Design Space: The Glowing Canopy

Kimberly Denman INC |  Laurent Rebuffel and Kimberly Denman Rebuffel

Kimberly Denman is an Interior and Furniture Designer based out of Los Angeles and New York.
Kimberly’s passion for design prompted her to delve into the world of interior design from a young age. She graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelors in Interior Design, went on to having an antique gallery in San Francisco and LA, to designing private residences around the world, to now having her own well acclaimed furniture line. Working along side her husband and business partner, Laurent Rebuffel, their boutique design firm, Kimberly Denman Inc., continues to grow and flourish.

“Kimberly Denman cultivates unique and inspiring designs by blending contemporary art, sculpture, vintage pieces and custom designs. She strives to give her interiors a feel of being collected over time with unexpected furniture placements, interesting art work, surprising bits of color or a bold choice of fabric, making them detailed, sophisticated and eclectic.”


Design Spaces: Living Room

Kyle Hill Design | Kyle Hill

Kyle Hill began his design career while working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles at the age of 18. His passion for creating, designing, and curating stories organically led him to San Francisco five years ago. “Shortly thereafter”, Kyle founded Kyle Hill Design, to bring a uniquely fresh modern point of view to the Bay Area.

“Kyle Hill Design is a boutique firm that blends contemporary bodies of work with a beautiful harmony into each collaboration. The team’s expertise includes staging, home renovations with an emphasis on prepping for sale, custom interior design projects for residential and commercial, and exterior design updates. The team at KHD are committed to envisioning a beautifully constructed design that highlights our clients vision with an undeniably unique focus on quality, perspective, and attention to detail to create a symphony of story. Kyle draws on time spent traveling the globe, curating pieces in the entertainment industry and a passion to make each day, a day to evolve and expand.”


Design Spaces: Fitness is my Passion

Lauren Berry Interior Design | Lauren Berry

Educated and informed by a lifetime of travel and observation, Lauren Berry founded her interior design firm over 20 years ago to share her passion for beautiful, modern and classically inspired architecture, interiors, and gardens.

Creating outstanding spaces through a highly collaborative design process, Lauren understands the importance of a well-functioning, personalized home that reflects the lives and lifestyles of her clients and strives to create legacy homes for generations to enjoy.

With offices in Ross and Carmel-by-the-Sea we are perfectly situated to meet the needs of our clients spanning the beautiful 100 miles that include Marin County-San Francisco-the Peninsula-Silicon Valley-Carmel. We also have projects in New York, Los Angeles, and select Mountain & Beach locations.


Design Space: Kitchen

Lizette Marie Interior Design | Lizette Bruckstein

Forgoing the traditional route of apprenticing in an established office, Lizette founded high-end residential design firm, Lizette Marie Interior Design, right out of college. In the years since, Lizette has evolved into a respected designer with loyal clients who span the globe—from the San Francisco Bay Area to Indonesia.

“Our philosophy is simple—create custom spaces that are a reflection of the client’s best self. From provocative to playful, colorful to serenely neutral, designs are expertly crafted to play up use of scale, texture, and pattern while staying true to the ethos of our client’s needs and design aesthetics.”


Design Space: His Modern Headquarters

MALONE | Malone Detro

Born into a family of craftsmen and creatives, Malone has sought the development of her connection to design her whole life. Studying architecture as an undergraduate enriched understandings of the broader strokes of architectural design – light, flow and space. Whereas a master’s degree in fashion instilled an appreciation for detail which ultimately translates into the final touches throughout her projects.

“MALONE is a material-driven design firm based in San Francisco. Working with clients in the Bay Area and beyond offering interior architecture and planning, custom furniture design and curation, and construction management. Creating residences with timeless spirits and enduring essences is the goal, collaboration and curation is what brings them to life.”


Design Spaces: Sunset Salon

Marsh and Clark Design | Stephanie Marsh Fillbrandt

Stephanie Marsh Fillbrandt founded award winning MARSH AND CLARK DESIGN in 2006 creating exquisite interiors that are as comfortable as they are inviting. Influenced by her early life in Wyoming and the urbanism of her home in San Francisco her designs incorporate extensive knowledge of craftsmanship, architecture, and sustainable materials.

“In 2020 MCD expanded to include full architectural services with the addition of Jean Orino, registered architect. Together with Susan Wyman our seasoned studio director, MCD delivers thoughtful design executed with keen attention to detail. We find joy in our work, believe in sustaining relationships and value our environment.”


Design Spaces: The Nest and The Kingfisher Suite

Martinelli Design | Russell Martinelli

With over a decade of experience in landscape design, Russell holds a longtime affinity for intentional outdoor spaces, often drawing inspiration from his travels abroad. He studied in Kyoto, Japan, lived and worked in London, and visited Southeast Asia before establishing roots in San Francisco, where he founded Martinelli Design.

“Martinelli Design is a full-service Exterior Design firm offering luxury landscape and bespoke outdoor spaces designed to enhance outdoor living experiences. With thoughtful consideration to existing architecture, environmental impact, and the unique personalities of our clients, we focus on elevating outdoor living with intentionality and care.”


Design Space: Mediterranean Meets Modern California: A Magnetically Matched Exterior

MGG Designs | Mini Gangwal

Mini grew up in India. From a young age she was strongly influenced by vibrant colors and intricate patterns of fabrics and textiles through her family business. A lifetime of combined travel and study inspired her to design globally influenced, sophisticated interiors that she and her team love to create.

“MGG designs offer a unique perspective on design with creativity, innovation, and emphasis on a cohesive and balanced look. We believe that a home is not just a space to live in but an opportunity to create an experience that makes our clients feel comfortable, happy and build memories with!!!”


Design Space: Smart Wasruimte

Miyuki Yamaguchi Design Studio | Miyuki Yamaguchi

After studying architecture at UC Berkeley and realizing her passion for interior design, Miyuki embarked into her career working at the nation’s top design firms in San Francisco. She finds simple joy whether it is designing a custom toss pillow or luxury five-star hotels. Seeing her client’s smile at the end of each project gives her the ultimate delight.

“Design is a collaborative process with the client – each project brings a new experience and challenge. To grow as a designer and as a person is what makes my job interesting and enjoyable. I always look forward to meeting new clients and decorating the world!”


Design Space: Professor Emeneau’s FUJINOHANA: Guest Bedroom

Noz Design | Noz Nozawa

Noz Nozawa is fearless in design, creating artful, personal interiors that allow her clients to access joy and love through the process. Since founding Noz Design in 2014, she has completed projects nationally, and was named an interior design rising star by Architectural Digest and House Beautiful in 2020.

“San Francisco’s Noz Design works throughout the Bay, Lake Tahoe, NYC, and beyond. With a focus on deeply personal spaces that feel collected over time, we create thoughtful homes designed as ecosystems. We believe in design as collaboration, in curiosity and continued learning, and in trust and transparency.”


Design Spaces: Reflections on Stardust and Interstellar Cellar

On Approval | Kelly Cahn

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Design Spaces: 2nd Floor Hallway and Back Stairwell

Ruben Marquez Interior Design | Ruben Marquez

Ruben specializes in residential remodels and new construction projects with a diverse aesthetic in contemporary and traditional designs. No two projects are ever alike. Marquez works throughout California with projects in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Francisco. His project experience also extends beyond California to Dubai, Singapore, China and Mexico.

Ruben holds an interior design degree from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Los Angeles where he graduated Summa Cum Laude and served on the Board of Directors for The Pasadena Chapter of The American Society of Interior Designers.

His work has been seen on HGTV’s “Celebrity Holiday Homes” where he decorated the homes of Eva LaRue, Alison Sweeney and Brooke Burke. His work has also appeared on VH1’s “Basketball Wives’

Ruben sits on the Board of Directors of Cancer Support Community in Pasadena, CA and has been an active volunteer for a few years.

“Ruben Marquez Interior Design offers a high degree of personalized, hands-on service and meticulous attention to detail. Special attention is devoted to the client’s lifestyle and aspirations. The design process is always an intimate and intense effort, ensuring that the resulting design is a perfect fit. We oversee every stage of every project that meets all of our clients’ exacting requests and specifications.”


Design Space: Lounge Bathroom

Shelley & Company Interior Design
Shelley Cahan & Sarah Wilson

Principle Shelley Cahan and Senior Designer Sarah Wilson bring over 30 years of combined interior design and construction planning experience to Shelley & Company. With an eye for mindful curation, Shelley & Sarah are well versed in the ideology that successful projects lie in the precise execution of details. 

“Intuitive, playful, timeless and eclectic, Shelley & Co believes that the spaces they create should be authentic reflections of the client and their highest self. A room should be whatever you imagine it to be: a retreat, a place to recharge, a place to entertain, create or inspire.”


Design Space: Max’s Magical Playroom

Tineke Triggs Interiors | Tineke Triggs

Tineke is known for creating soulful, artistic and imaginative interiors. By mastering both the art and science of design, her work gives rise to a unique form of design mixology. Her elevated interiors not only provoke the senses but deliver on the details that create truly memorable spaces.

“Tineke Triggs Interiors is a full-service design firm partnering with our clients from concept development to final installation. Our design approach and philosophy are intertwined. We begin each project with fresh eyes, curiosity and enthusiasm to identify what home means to our clients.”


Design Space: Curve Appeal