Announcing the 2024 Decorator Showcase Designers

The 45th Annual San Francisco Decorator Showcase is delighted to announce the final selection of the 2024 designers who will transform the mansion at 2898 Broadway on “Billionaire’s Row in Pacific Heights. into this year’s Showcase. Visit the designers’ websites by clicking on the firm name and see examples of their creativity and talent.


Guest Suite 1
Designer: Alexis Ring |  Firm: Alexis Ring

Sitting Room / Bedroom
Designers: Amy Weaver and Samantha Weaver |  Firm: Amy Weaver Design

Designers: Robbie McMillan and Marcus Keller |  Firm: AubreyMaxwell

Living Room 2
Designer: Sabra Ballon |  Firm: ballonSTUDIO

Designer: Chantal Lamberto |  Firm: Chantal Lamberto

Solarium and Living Room
Designers: Leann Conquer and Alexis Tompkins |  Firm: Chroma SF

Designer: Ashi Waliany |  Firm: Cusp Interiors

Family Room
Designer: Jon de la Cruz |  Firm: de la Cruz Interior Design

Entry / Foyer
Designer: Nancy Evars |  Firm: Evars Collective

Guest Living Room 1
Designer: Evgenia Merson |  Firm: Evgenia Merson Design

Designer: Holly Kopman |  Firm: Holly A Kopman Interior Design

Designer: Jay Jeffers |  Firm: Jay Jeffers

Catering Kitchen
Designer: Kristen Peña |  Firm: K Interiors

Casual Living
Designer: Katie Monkhouse |  Firm: Katie Monkhouse Interiors

Guest Bedroom and Guest Bathroom 1
Designers: Ansley Majit and Stephanie Waskins |  Firm: Lark + Palm

Main Hall
Designer: Lauren Berry |  Firm: Lauren Berry Interior Design

Entryway Half Bathroom
Designer: Lauren Evans |  Firm: Lauren Evan Interiors

Designer: Stephanie Fillbrandt |  Firm: Marsh & Clark

Front and Side Garden
Designer: Russell Martinelli |  Firm: Martinelli Design

Designer: Kendra Nash |  Firm: Nash Design Group

The Rotunda
Designers: Zoe Prillinger and Luke Ogrydziak |  Firm: OPA

Primary Bedroom and Primary Bathroom
Designer: Sindhu Peruri |  Firm: Peruri Design Company

Designer: Keith Quiggins |  Firm: Rococo & Taupe

Primary Closet
Designers: Alicia Lo and Lexie Saine |  Firms:
SCIC San Francisco and Lexie Saine Design

Guest Suite 2
Designer: Lisa Staprans |  Firm: Staprans Design

Reception / Study
Designer: Tineke Triggs |  Firm: Tineke Triggs

Formal Dining Room
Designer: Suzanne Tucker |  Firm: Tucker & Marks

2024 Showcase Designers

Top Row-Left to Right:
Chantal Lamberto – Chantal Lamberto, Jay Jeffers – Jay Jeffers, Stephanie Fillbrandt – Marsh & Clark, Tineke Triggs – Tineke Triggs, Alexis Ring – Alexis Ring, Amanda Ahlgren – Tucker & Marks, Jon de la Cruz – de la Cruz Interior Design, Evgenia Merson – Evgenia Merson Design

Middle Row-Left to Right:
Lauren Evans – Lauren Evan Interiors, Lexie Saine – Lexie Saine Design, Ansley Majit – Lark + Palm, Alicia Lo – SCIC San Francisco, Sindhu Peruri – Peruri Design, Stephanie Waskins – Lark + Palm,  Kristen Peña – K Interiors, Katie Monkhouse – Katie Monkhouse Interiors, Lauren Berry-Lauren Berry Design

Lower Row-Left to Right:
Ashi Waliany – Cusp Interiors, Nancy Evars – Evars Collective, Sabra Ballon – ballonSTUDIO, Keith Quiggins – Rococo & Taupe, Samantha Weaver – Amy Weaver Design, Amy Weaver – Amy Weaver Design

Bottom Row-Left to Right:
Robbie McMillan-AubreyMaxwell, Marcus Keller-AubreyMaxwell, Alexis Tompkins – Chroma SF

Not pictured:
Suzanne Tucker – Tucker & Marks, Kendra Nash – Nash Design Group, Leann Conquer – Chroma SF, Russell Martinelli – Martinelli Design, Holly Kopman – Holly A Kopman Interior Design, Lisa Staprans – Staprans Design, Luke Ogrydziak – OPA, Zoë Prillinger – OPA