Applegate Tran Interiors | Vernon Applegate & Gioi Tran

The award-winning design team of Vernon Applegate and Gioi Tran together founded Applegate Tran Interiors in San Francisco in 1999. They combine over 20 years of residential interior design practice in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York City, with international projects in Asia.

Applegate Tran Interiors is a luxury interior design firm located in the Mission district of San Francisco. Specializing in residential interior design, space planning, and art curation, we deliver a modern and highly personalized touch to each project that reflects our client’s personality and taste in their homes.


Design Space: Random Nature Meets Balanced Geometry

Artistic Designs for Living | Tineke Triggs

Tineke Triggs founded Artistic Designs for Living in 2001 and has since created one of San Francisco’s preeminent design firms. She creates timeless interiors with an eclectic edge and has a knack for incorporating imaginative details into her designs resulting in truly memorable spaces.

Artistic Designs for Living creates exquisite living spaces that are both beautiful and accessible.  We believe in pushing the limits to create truly unique spaces with lasting appeal and find joy and passion in discovering the elements that make each house a home.


Design Spaces: The Liquid Lounge / Cala Mezcal

Barbra Bright Design | Barbra Bright

Barbra’s design career began as a young child sewing clothes for her Barbie. From there she ventured into interior design, decorating and redecorating Barbie’s Dream House. Her love of design was firmly cemented.

Barbra Bright Design creates bold interiors for clients who appreciate color, texture and pattern. Specializing in Mid-Century Modern interiors, we believe that design rules are fluid and that there is room for deviation. Our goal is to help our clients discover their most important needs and let go of things that aren’t vital.


Design Space: Azure Guest Bathroom

Benni Amadi Interiors | Benni Amadi

With a curator’s eye and an international sensibility, Benni Amadi Interiors combines keen design with her passion for art, travel and fashion to create spaces that are sophisticated, timeless, elegant, refined and above all, livable. In 2017, Benni’s distinctive design approach earned her participation in the San Francisco Decorator Showcase.

Functionality, quality and beauty are Benni Amadi Interiors’ long-standing design principles. Each client has a unique relationship with the architecture of their home, so the designs Benni produces are a reflection of that: individual, customized, infused with myriad personal touches. Blending eclectic modern materials, mixing new and vintage, Benni gives each space personality, allowing its distinctive story to unfold. Her designs incorporate unique pieces, including custom furniture.


Design Space: Lumber Slumber

Chad Dorsey Design | Chad Dorsey

Chad refers to his style and philosophy as Relaxed Luxury—the idea of living casually with things a person loves to touch and feel in a way that is approachable and not precious. Relaxed Luxury is understated. Often quiet, it can go unnoticed, but the user with a discerning eye will appreciate the details and the soothing feeling. Relaxed Luxury is achieved with custom furnishings incorporating handcrafted details, meaningful objects, and a true sense of the people who live there.

Chad’s eponymous studio is based in Dallas with an outpost in Los Angeles and offers a full-range of design services. Chad Dorsey Design works on projects across the country—a fact that Chad relishes, as travel remains a deep influence. “I think seeing new things is the most valuable inspiration, and also the piece that keeps me growing as a designer,” Chad says of the sights and sounds that stimulate his design work. For clients he is constantly revisiting ideas of luxury and focuses on creating experiences that are special and personal.


Design Spaces: The Listening Room / Listening Room Bathroom

Chroma | Alexis Tompkins & Leann Conquer

“Chroma” refers to the purity and intensity of a color. Focusing on homes, the Chroma design studio seeks to create atmospheric spaces for meaningful lives. An open-minded listener with degrees in art and art history, Alexis Tompkins is the creative partner. She has an aptitude for rejuvenating historical styles and bringing texture and warmth to contemporary ones. Leann Conquer, the managing partner, enjoys developing systems that start with intelligent forecasting and end with impeccable execution. Conquer studied interior design and serves as an important sounding board for Tompkins’ ideas, making sure that Chroma’s work aims high and achieves the extraordinary.


Design Space: The Sundown Lounge

Dina Bandman Interiors | Dina Bandman

Dina Bandman always knew she wanted to be an interior designer, but her path to design was not ordinary. After completing an undergraduate degree at Vanderbilt University, Dina went to law school and earned her J.D. degree in New York before ultimately deciding to follow her passion for interior design. She returned home to the West Coast and in 2015 opened her namesake firm. This is her fifth year in a row participating in the Decorator Showcase!

Known for her bold yet traditional aesthetic, Dina’s style embraces all of the influences of the places she’s called home — New York Traditional, California Cool, Southern Charm, and Miami Art Deco. Her award winning designs have been featured in numerous publications including Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, and Traditional Home.

Dina Bandman Interiors strives to merge disparate styles without sacrificing a client’s needs, creating bespoke spaces infused with and reflective of their individual personality.


Design Space: No Drama Llama

DZINE Gallery | Austin Forbord & Philip Bewley

DZINE Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in San Francisco. For this year’s Decorator Showcase, DZINE Gallery presents artist Elina Frumerman and her photography installation titled Botanicae. DZINE Gallery is home to the most exciting artists in the San Francisco Bay Area. With its twice-yearly exhibitions, monthly Artists in Conversation events and opening night receptions, DZINE Gallery creates community through dialogue between and among artists and art lovers. It encourages and supports its artists to create new work, while expanding their artistic vision.


Design Space: Stairwell and Landing: Botanicae

Emily Boulton Interiors | Emily Boulton

Emily earned a degree in Interior Architecture from UC Davis and subsequently worked for West Coast architects for years before finding her calling with interior design. Her projects balance a timeless yet contemporary aesthetic with a keen sensibility to flow and function; always mixing in something unexpected and fresh.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”
– William Morris


Design Space: Learning to Fly

FDG Design Group | Fatima Silva

International designer, Fatima Silva leads a studio of creative interior designers. Her practice works on a global platform and prides itself on specializing in luxury residential and hospitality projects. Her South African roots and Portuguese heritage Influence her unique approach of creating synergy between function, place and lifestyle. This is the ethos that underpins every project she works on. Fatima and her team strive to create authenticity within each project by establishing a distinct style that is true to the location and homeowner’s lifestyle. The team draws inspiration from fashion, architecture and art to create a narrative that emerges from the constant exploration and weaving of different influences and materials. Her belief that the sensory experience of surfaces and finishes creates a deep emotional connection and are a form of communication that can speak volumes about the intention of a designed space. Fatima’s projects span the globe, with properties in Hong Kong, London, New York, Miami, Palm Beach, Aspen, Hawaii, Mexico and beyond.

FDG Design Group’s design approach represents our philosophy of bringing to each new design a unique set of solutions appropriate to the individual and geographic location of the project. Underlying the individual character of our projects is a common foundation of exacting detail and carefully crafted richness of materials. Our work evolves from a well-defined design program where an aesthetic is produced which is appropriate for function, place and lifestyle. Our most successful projects have been those that contribute to the relationship of the home and its natural environment. A team of highly experienced staff members supports this process. Our efforts to understand the unique challenges of each project lead to creative, well-founded solutions. In all cases, the key to the success of the project has been the close collaboration with clients as integral members of the design team.


Design Spaces: Luxe Master Bath & Il Armadio


Jeffrey Neve Interior Design | Jeffrey Neve

A California native with a penchant for international travel, Jeffrey’s aesthetic is infused with color, texture and images designed to create stunning interiors for his clients. A self-proclaimed design chameleon, Jeffrey’s bespoke creations translate his clients’ stories into collaborative and functional spaces. Prior to starting his own design firm in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jeffrey spent his early career as a fashion executive at Nordstrom. After a successful stint at a well-established design firm that endowed him with a deep knowledge of every aspect of design and construction, Jeffrey was inspired to share his unique vision by launching Jeffrey Neve Interior Design in 2017. Since then, the firm’s work has been published in HGTV, Gentry, 7×7, Diablo and California Home + Design, establishing Jeffrey as an expert in homes and spaces that feel distinctly balanced and imaginative. In this world of influencers, overshared images and oversaturation, you deserve a home that is uniquely reflective of you.


Design Space: The Gallery Lounge & Green With Envy

K Interiors | Kristen Peña

Travel has always been a big part of interior designer Kristen Peña’s life and it informs her design work as well. As a child, the Syracuse native longed for a colorful, creative life beyond the borders of her hometown. Study abroad schooled her in European elegance and proportions; her relocation to San Francisco encouraged her playful sense of color; and trips to Southeast Asia, Morocco and Africa cultivated a love of pattern and texture. Continuing to find inspiration from markets and makers she discovers abroad, her projects also reflect her profound understanding of how people live. She listens to her clients’ dreams for their future and imbues their homes with the joy that will support them on their journey.

Inspired to explore the world of interior design through the experience of renovating her first home, Kristen attended architecture and design school at UC Berkeley. Her natural talent for organization and project management—cultivated through her career permutations, first in advertising and then in children’s clothing design—combined with her love of storytelling, results in rooms that are more than just pretty. Sensual, supportive, and thoughtfully curated, they’re spaces that are as livable as they are compelling, where every item has personal meaning for the client. K Interiors has been recognized in Elle Decor, Real Simple, Rue, WSJ, California Home + Design, and SF Chronicle, among others and was awarded participation in the San Francisco Decorator Showcase in 2017, 2019 and 2020.

K Interiors is a full-service interior design firm specializing in residential design. Based in San Francisco, our approach is local in execution, yet global in scope. We create beautiful, balanced interiors that express our clients’ values and purpose.


Design Spaces: Principal Bedroom with a View / Her Dressing Room

Kelly Hohla Interiors | Kelly Hohla

Our principal Kelly Hohla has over 18 years of experience with successful design projects and happy clients in the Bay Area, Sonoma, Tahoe, Montana, Wyoming, Hawaii, New York and beyond. We bring function, form, beauty and balance to every space tailored personally to each client.

We work with our clients to develop a home that reflects who they are and how they live. All of our interiors, whether contemporary or traditional, focus on attention to detail and craftsmanship, well-edited forms and materials, high style, tailored comfort, and a little unexpected edge.


Design Space: Dining Room: Salle d’Étude

Leap Interior Design | Chelsea Brown

Since its inception, Leap Interior Design has consistently been driven by a mission to curate and elevate each client’s individual aesthetic. Co-founder Chelsea Brown aims to create interiors that are inviting, sophisticated and uniquely personal. Whether a client prefers casual elegance, understated minimalism or an eclectic mix, Chelsea draws upon a unique set of resources to achieve each client’s vision in a way that is enduring and can be evolved and layered upon for years to come. She believes that design is not static; rather, it is an organic process that should endure and evolve with each client over a lifetime. With a background in sustainable architecture and design, she seeks to apply these principles to all facets of design and encourages clients to select heirloom pieces from local artisans and craftsmen whenever possible. She is a strong believer that sustainable design does more than elevate the home, it elevates the community in which it exists.

Leap Interior Design is a full service design firm specializing in projects that marry unique combinations of contemporary and classic elements, creating timeless interiors that are inspired, livable and uniquely tailored to each client. Leap Interior Design is based in The Bay Area, Boulder & Palm Springs.


Design Space: Nature Always Wins

Martin Young Design | Martin Young

Martin Young opened his practice in 2012, bringing to it a broad knowledge of design and cultural aesthetics. His professional experience in architecture and interior architecture and design include working in The Netherlands at MVRDV and OTH Architecten. In San Francisco, he worked for The Wiseman Group and Steven Volpe Design.

Martin Young Design’s understanding of the construction process underlies their collaborations with homeowners, contractors, architects, and artisans. As an interior design firm with an architectural point of view, we integrate a client’s’ lifestyle with their environment through visual elements. From finishes to furnishings to unique objects, their projects elegantly emphasize intent.


Design Space: Silhouettes

Nest Design Co. | Jennifer Wundrow & Heather Brock

Since 2008, Nest Design Co. has been designing homes around the greater San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. During this time, they have gained an extensive working knowledge on a broad range of projects: from ground-up construction, to remodels, to interiors. Nest strives to make a house feel collected, not curated. The belief that a home should be the true reflection of the homeowner’s personality has allowed Nest to master working to uncover the client’s own unique aesthetic, one that embodies the client’s own taste and the way that they live. Nest supports the idea that form and function need to reinforce one another, and they welcome the opportunity to collaborate with the client, architect, general contractor and subs. Heather and Jennifer feel incredibly grateful that their passion and profession are deeply intertwined, and together with their dedicated team, they thoughtfully design interiors that create a sanctuary for their clients.

At Nest Design Co., they believe that interiors are about the people who inhabit them. Each interior space should be a unique reflection of the people who dwell there while weaving in layers and textures to create a room’s own story. Because of this, it allows Nest to not adhere to one particular design style, but rather explore all design aesthetics. Nest is known for their classic and well-edited spaces that are not only beautiful, but functional. They feel it is an honor to be invited into their clients’ homes and trusted with the job of creating a space made for life’s moments and memories.


Design Space: Soak & Spin

Regan Baker Design | Regan Baker

Regan Baker leads Regan Baker Design with 17 years of experience in Interior Architecture and Design. Understanding that personal style and lifestyle function are synonymous, she works with clients to create personal, inviting, modern homes with pops of color, efficient floorplans and detailed multifunctional millwork.

Regan Baker Design uses innovative design to transform ordinary homes into spaces that reflect your personality and lifestyle. Our design-centric, solution-driven process leaves the headaches to us and allows you to focus on the most important aspects of your life: family, friends and career.


Design Space: Modern Mediterranean Breakfast Nook & Kitchen

Sean Leffers Interiors | Sean Leffers

Sean’s passion for building atmosphere through visual culture began as a child when he spent his days reading design magazines, visiting museums, and hunting for antiques. He is an enthusiastic gardener, yogi, and traveler and lives with his partner Rigo and son Julian in San Francisco.

Our team brings a connoisseurship of art and material, an obsession for detail and a love of the unexpected to every project. We believe that interiors should be truly personal and diversely inspired. In every project, we strive to build collections that are both expressive and astute, drawing from a deep knowledge of architecture and decorative arts, antiquity and modernity.


Design Space: Wabi Sabi Wunderkind

Studio Ku | Adele Salierno

Adele studied architecture in Rome, and after beginning her career in Italy, she moved to San Francisco in 2006. With over 17 years of experience in interior and exterior architecture, Adele brings her international design background to commercial and residential clients throughout the Bay Area. Architectural composition, love for design at every scale, and interest in materials, textures, and color combinations are Adele’s true passions. Project management skills and a detail-oriented personality lead to smooth project delivery.

Studio KU is a versatile architecture and design firm with a strong focus on innovation and attention to details. We have a clean esthetic, and we strive to design spaces that are modern, warm, inviting, and tailored to clients’ personalities and needs. Partnership with talented consultants, builders and artisans, and passion for good design are keys to success.


Design Space: Raw Simplicity

Studio Nahemow | Eugene Nahemow

Eugene Nahemow is the Design Principal for Studio Nahemow, an established San Francisco- based firm with projects throughout the U.S. and internationally. Studio Nahemow creates all-encompassing and personalized spaces with an emphasis on superior craftsmanship, unique materials, refined details and custom-designed furniture.

Studio Nahemow is an established design firm that specializes in high-end residential interiors and complete remodels as well as custom furnishings. Eugene Nahemow believes in designing to help his clients achieve a contemporary, sophisticated and uncluttered living environment.


Design Space: Wine Cellar & Bar Area

Terremoto | Alain Peauroi

Terremoto was created in 2012 by Alain Peauroi and David Godshall to offer an alternative to the traditional landscape architecture approach. We have grown into a collective of designers with various design specialties and interests. Terremoto blends these to create spaces that exude honesty and push the boundaries of landscape design.

Terremoto is a landscape architectural design studio. We create well built, site-specific landscapes that respond to client needs while simultaneously challenging historical and contemporary landscape construction methods, materials, and formal conventions. Our design approach is post-Internet, critically regionalist, and formally adventurous.


Design Space: Front and Rear Gardens