Antonio Martins Interior Design
- 2014 Showcase
Living Green
- 2014 Showcase
Jonathan Rachman Design
- 2019 Showcase
New Perspectives
- 2021
Stephanie Breitbard Fine Arts
- 2014 Showcase
Will Wick Design
- 2015 Showcase
Artistic Designs for Living
- 2020 Showcase

OUR Beneficary

Since 1977, the San Francisco Decorator Showcase has raised over $17 million to benefit the San Francisco University High School financial aid program. This event continues to allow hundreds of deserving Bay Area students access to a world-class college preparatory education.

UHS is committed to building a community that reflects and embraces the great diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area. Almost one quarter of UHS students receive financial aid. In 2020, the pandemic and resulting economic crisis created additional need by our families for financial support. The UHS Financial Aid program is providing over $3,700,000 in grants this year, with average grants covering 73% of tuition.

Decorator Showcase Opening in Spring 2023!

We are excited to announce that Showcase will open to the public in Spring 2023.  Through the generosity and understanding of the homeowners, we have signed a lease on a spectacular home on Russian Hill.  Work will begin after the final designs are chosen this April.  With feedback from designers and design industry firms regarding the supply chain issues experienced by so many companies around the world, the postponement gives us the lead time needed to finish the home to Showcase’s high standards in time for opening next year.  Check back for announcements about the designers and more.

Please consider making a donation to the University High School financial aid program during this challenging time. We deeply appreciate your support!