Shoshin – A Beginner’s Mind

Design Space #12

Design Inspiration
Shoshin is a word from Zen Buddhism meaning “beginner’s mind”. The concept holds that those who approach life with few preconceptions will be open to new perspectives. As Amara, the homeowner, transitions into Shoshin, she finds herself engulfed in a room designed to calm her mind and open her spirit. Taking a moment to bask in the sun, she greets the morning, a beginner again. Sometimes the smallest of rooms can lead to the greatest expanse.

Hanging from the ceiling is an art installation, constructed of a delicate sheer fabric that has been draped to mimic the topography of San Francisco’s Seven Hills. It serves as a vessel to transport its onlookers back to the basics – to forget all preconceived notions and restart the mind.

Next to the window sits a collection of Tibetan Singing Bowls, a type of bell that, when played, produces a deep vibrational tone. Historically, they have been used to aid in meditation, as the sounds and vibration can induce relaxation, relieve stress, and balance and harmonize the body.

The Smokey Quartz Crystals are thoughtfully displayed in the fireplace, and can be used to help center, ground, and protect, using the Earth’s healing energies. Their placement in this room can bring a sense of light and uplifting energy to the space, creating a calming and safe oasis.

Meditation Room & Sun Room – Walls & Ceiling:
Manufacturer: Farrow & Ball Color: Strong White
Application Process: Venetian Plaster by Charles Leonard Decorative Finishes

Manufacturer: Farrow & Ball
Color: Strong White
Application Process: Painted/brushed Sheen: Semi-gloss

Additional Wall Treatments
Custom Ceiling Material
Manufacturer: Coraggio
Name: Abruzzo
Color: Ecru
Where to purchase: Hewn at the San Francisco Design Center

Sun Room – Area Rug:
Manufacturer: Erden
Name: Etched Color:
Blue Where to purchase:
De Sousa Hughes at the San Francisco Design Center

Meditation Room – Yoga Mats:
Manufacturer: Lululemon
Name: The Reversible Mat 3mm
Color: Tidewater Teal/Springtime
Where to purchase: Lululemon


Meditation Room –
Gong: Antique, manufacturer/designer unknown; Period: circa early-to-mid-20th century; Finish: Bronze; Where to purchase: similar available at Richard Gervais Collection
Buddha Statues: Antique, manufacturer/designer unknown; Period: Unknown; Finish: Bronze; Where to purchase: similar available at Richard Gervais Collection

Sun Room –
Hanging Chairs, Manufacturer: Dedon; Style: Swingme; Finish: Natural; Where to purchase: Dedon; LA Showroom, Pacific Design Center Suite B188, Los Angeles, CA

Meditation Room –
Fireplace, Manufacturer: Dimplex; Purpose: Electric fireplace; Where to purchase: Okell’s Fireplace

Meditation Room –
“Thread Painting”:
Artist: Emil Lukas
Materials: Thread, aluminum, plaster, nails, wood, paint
Where to purchase: Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco

Additional Items of Special Interest
Meditation Room – Smokey Quartz:
Where to purchase: Rock Paradise (online, or in-store in Southern California)
Sun Room – Plants:
Where to purchase: Tiger Bunny Studio, San Francisco