Peruri Design Company


Design Space #5

Design Inspiration
This cozy library is designed as a retreat for relaxation and work. The space is tranquil yet rich in texture, color and contrast. As much as it is visually appealing with impressive art, dramatic lighting and bespoke furnishings, this small space is also extremely functional. In light of the recent pandemic, a room such as this has become important for modern families. I was inspired to create an inviting, impactful and intimate space where one could work, read, lounge and entertain.

Almost every client I work with wants more seating and more storage. I was able to achieve that by designing a bespoke window seat and shelving unit. The comfy window seat in the corner draws you in and invites you to take a seat.

The curved shapes all align and repeat in order to be cohesive. The curves of the coffee table, the light fixture above, the curves of the window seat, the lines in the rug, the round mirror etc. Repeating elements in a small space is very pleasing to the eye.

Contrasting colors can be visually very effective. I’ve contrasted dark walls and ceilings with light toned cabinetry throughout the space.

Fade to Black by Portola Paints. Application: Roman Clay.

Anagram-MW118 by Mark Alexander. Purchase at De Sousa Hughes, San Francisco

Bespoke rug designed by Sindhu Peruri. Purchase through Peruri Design Company.
White Oak hardwood floors.

Window Treatment
Roman shade. Fabric by James Malone-Wave-93-Black.

Light Fixtures
Chandelier by Luke Lamp Co. – Tracer loop
Pendant by MICHAEL ANASTASSIADES – Architectural pendant in Black rod

Lounge Chair by Illum Wikkelsø for Søren Willadsen, wingback chair ‘Model 110’, teak
Upholstered in C& C Milano- 199914-Fenice; Color: Sapphire. Purchase from Peruri Design Company

Coffee Table – Todd Merrill Studio-Enda Scott, Harmonograph Low Table
Desk Chair- Studio Twentyseven-Club 44 Chair by Angelo Mangiarotti
Side Table- Gary Hutton table A11- purchase from Hewn SF

(Above Desk) Audrey Stone- Morgan Lehman Gallery (Above Window Seat) Michael Gregory-Berggruen Gallery

Items in the Room for Sale +Pricing
Bespoke window Seat- 15,000-Peruri Design Company Mirror- enquire for price-Peruri Design Company Side Table- enquire for price- Peruri Design Company Chandelier- enquire for price-Peruri Design Company Lounge Chair- $8000- Peruri Design Company