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Soak & Spin

Design Inspiration
Soak & Spin is a refined, nature-inspired space where practicality takes the lead. The Laundry Room is one of the workhorses of every household so bringing a sense of calm and tranquility to this space makes it a more enjoyable experience for all. Inspired by the alluring tree just outside the window, this space is all about a clean, neutral palette and creating movement through textures and different finishes. We wanted to make the chaos of everyday life slowly slip away while performing daily household tasks.

We designed this space to be functional, but also beautiful. The washer and dryer are hidden behind retractable pocket doors that can be opened when in use and closed to hide the mechanics of this room when desired. We created a pull-out to house the detergent between the units for ease of use.

We designed this space to have two different cabinet styles, as well as two different finishes, helping to create visual interest. The texture of the reeding on the washed oak lower cabinets complements the painted white upper cabinets.

Everyone expects to find a tile on a Laundry Room floor. Finding the right one can be a great way to introduce something unexpected. We love adding an unexpected element to our designs. We used an organic shape in a dark finish giving the space a unique feel. We chose a dark finish to add contrast and help ground the space.

C2 Paint in C2-980 Scroll (semi-gloss) on the upper cabinets, baseboards and door trim, and C2 Paint in C2-980 Scroll (eggshell) on the ceiling.

Walls / Ceilings
Sarah + Ruby Design: Pattern Cirro in a custom color for NDC. Can be purchased directly from manufacturer.

Backsplash slab is “Diamond Silk” Quartzite in a leathered finish from Da Vinci Marble.

Vintage runner from NDC inventory.

Floor Tile: Tabarka Hand-painted Terracotta tile – “Adama” in color Bashan from Da Vinci Marble.

Window Treatment
Flat stationary Roman shade made by The Shade Store.

Sandra Jordan “Prima Alpaca” in Forget-me-not; trimmed with a Samuel & Sons wool trim with a leather applique.

Light Fixtures
Bone Simple Pendant “Double Saturn Pendant”.

Eny Lee Parker – Stitch Stool in a Juin Ho fabric.

GE Washer & Dryer.

Kohler Sink and Faucet.

George Silk – “Perfect Entry” – Photograph – 41″ W x 74″ H from the Getty Archives through Portfolio SF. This image was the centerpiece of George Silk’s story in Life, 20 April 1962. Diver Kathy Flicker, 14, making a perfect ten-point entry during her dive at Dillon Gym pool at Princeton University.

Sam Messenger – “Veil from Dardanus”, 2017.

Ink rabbit-skin glue, tissue, and synthetic polymer paint on paper: 18 x 18 inches.

Paul Kremer – “Glow 02 (paper study)”, 2019 Acrylic on two sheets of paper Each sheet: 30 x 22 inches.

Large Lechuguilla Basket – woven from naturally dyed lechuguilla. 

Burkina Faso Clay Pot.

Carved wooden bowl from Nigeria.

Chairish Shop
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Double Pendant.

“Stitch” Stool.

Large Lechuguilla Basket.

Burkina Faso Clay Pot.

Nigerian carved wooden bowl.


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